Chevrolet Vehicle Locate Feature Debuts in myChevrolet App

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Chevrolet has debuted a convenient new feature in the myChevrolet mobile app called Vehicle Locate, which lets Chevy owners send automated text alerts to a designated person or group of people when their vehicle gets to or leaves a certain address or boundary area.

The Vehicle Locate feature was designed to keep drivers safer and give their loved ones peace of mind. Whether you’re going on a blind date and want to send alerts on your whereabouts or you’re lending your car to a friend and want to keep tabs on its location, Vehicle Locate can help.

Parents especially can get added comfort with this feature. Teens can be forgetful about sending updates to their parents, but with Chevrolet Vehicle Locate, their smartphone can automatically notify their parents when they arrive at school, work, a friend’s house — you name it.

The app can notify up to 10 people for every pre-programmed address or boundary of up to a 20-mile radius the user wants to send alerts for, but don’t worry — you won’t be getting any unwanted messages. You have to agree to receive the notifications.

The feature also keeps track of the vehicle’s location at all times, so drivers can easily navigate to where their car or truck is in crowded parking lots or at meters on city side streets. Never get lost looking for your car again.

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