Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology

Teen Driver - Brockton, MA

One of the most exciting points in any teenager’s life is getting their drivers license. However, this can also be the most dangerous time of their life, too. Studies have shown that teens are more likely to speed and play loud music, and are less likely to wear their seatbelts. To help combat these unsafe driving habits, Chevrolet created Teen Driver Technology.

Teen Driver is standard on many new family-friendly Chevy models including the Equinox, Malibu, Silverado 1500, Colorado, Cruze, and Bolt EV. This technology can help encourage safe driving habits even when parents are not in the car.

When activated, Teen Driver allows parents to set certain driving limits around speed and volume, and ensure all active driving features stay turned on. The Buckle to Drive feature mutes the audio system until front-seat occupants are buckled. It also prevents the driver from shifting out of park for 20 seconds and provides both audible and visual alerts.

Parents can also check on their teen’s progress with the in-vehicle report card. This shows information such as the distance driven, how many overspeed warnings received, wide open throttles, forward collision alerts, and other key warnings. You program Teen Driver to work with a specific key. When that key is used, it will automatically enable the Teen Driver settings.

Want to see Chevy Teen Driver technology in action? Come to Copeland Chevrolet and we will show you how it works in one of our new Chevy models!